Specialty Clinic for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
305, Emgate Building, Sheikh Zayed Road south, Dubai
(Dubai to Jebel Ali Direction), Between Interchange 1 & 2, Exit 49 on Sheik Zayed Road (Immediately after Al Safa Salik Gate) 
GPS Coordinates
: N 25° 11.577’   E 55° 15.629’

Phone: +971 4 3884 111        Toll Free: 800-STD (783)   Mobile: +971 50 3821800 

STD Notes Archives

First sexually transmitted dengue case confirmed.

Dengue virus until recently was thought to be transmitted only by mosquitoes. Sexual transmission of the virus is now reported. 

 No transmission, when HIV is fully suppressed.

Undetectable HIV equated to no transmission.

Innovative gene-based treatment for Chlamydia.

Macrophage genes IRF5 and IL-10RA are key to limiting chlamydia infection. These genes could be drug targets for treating chlamydia. 


Viral hepatitis: Millions are unaware of their infection; testing saves lives.

Left untreated, Hepatitis B and C can cause irreversible liver damage.  Hepatitis A is recognized as a re-emerging health threat.

Dogs are Brilliant Diagnosticians

A landmark study shows dogs could be trained to pick out urine samples positive for Urinary Tract Infection. It is already known that dogs can be trained to detect Clostridium difficile in stool samples.

Medicated vaginal gel for the prevention of Herpes

Pregnancy soon after HPV vaccination appears safe. 

Condoms have been used for at least 400 years, yet there is still a need for instruction on consistent and correct condom use. The American Social Health Association (ASHA)
Laboratory testing reveled breaks in 1 % and leaks in 2 % of used condoms. Sexually Transmitted Diseases: July 2011, 38(7):580

Ring worm infection of groin caused by T. interdigitale can be a STI. Condom offers no protection here. They tend to be very inflammatory.  STI BMJ Advance Online: 12 June 2015

 It is estimated that 450 million people worldwide are newly infected with STIs each year. Monash Institute of Medical Research, Australia March 2013

 STDs are often asymptomatic — without any signs or symptoms. Even when symptoms are absent, the infection may be transmitted to the sex partners. Mayo Clinic